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March 17, 2016  By Kent Murray Pahati

By Hannah Obal,and Dorothy Soriano, STC Masscom intern
Fotos by Jonolin Luab

Being top of the class has always been a coveted title and an honor for many students. But just being able to graduate and survive with good grades is already a feat in itself. Sometimes, the best people to look up to in school aren’t the students who hold the most academic titles,but the students who have struggled, conquered and overcome the challenges that life and school have thrown at them. Along the way, they might garner some awards and honor for themselves and their schools, but in the end, the will to trudge on and move forward will be the greatest thing they will take with them once they graduate. Here are a few of our outstanding students who have gone above and beyond to reach where they are now.

Name: Mary Mae O. Rias
Age: 20cmyk-grad-photos3
School: Saint Theresa’s College – Cebu
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication major in
Media Communication
· TCO Soccer Baseball captain 2014 – 2016
· Community Leader
· Parish Youth Leader
· Consistent Dean’s Lister since First Year
· Student body President of the Mass
Communication Department of STC
· Candidate for Cum Laude

Q: Give us a little background of your road to graduation.
A: Academics, leadership, sports, thesis and internship are only some of the things that I handled
during college. In each of these experiences, I faced a lot of struggles, but of course, with hardship, I also learned
a lot. However, the most important thing I learned was how to deal with people with different personalities and
how to interact with them. Being an introvert, that is a very challenging thing to do. That is why I’m just really
thankful that college became the avenue for me to start opening up.
Q: How do you balance your studies with your passion?
A: I guess when you’re really passionate about something, you will really find time to do it without
jeopardizing your other activities. For me, I was passionate with playing soccer baseball and leading my
academic organization. Balancing both while juggling my studies wasn’t really a problem for me since I
loved everything that I was doing, but of course, time management helps a lot.

Q: What kind of student were you?
A: I would say that I was the kind of student that was always driven. If everyone had given up, I was the
last woman standing. I always went the extra mile and always gave the extra effort in both academics and
leadership because I’m a firm believer that hard work will always be rewarded.

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years?
A: I will either be part of a marketing team for a big hotel or out digging for issues as an investigative journalist.



Name: Edda Shane S. Julia
Age: 20cmyk-grad-photos2
School: University of San Carlos
Degree: AB Linguistics & Literature
· Dean’s Lister, 2nd Semester, AY 2012-2013
· Dean’s Lister, 1st Semester, AY 2013-2014
· 3rd Year CES Committee Head, English Majors
Association, AY 2014-2015
· Staff, Prism, AY 2014-2015
· Dean’s Lister, 2nd Semester, AY 2014-2015
· PRO-Higher, Societatis Lingua Artes, AY 2015-
· Dean’s Lister, 1st Semester, AY 2015-2016



Q: Give us a little background of your road to graduation.
A: The road leading up to graduation wasn’t an easy one for sure. I had subjects that seemed impossible to pass, and papers that took forever to finish. In addition, the responsibilities I had to face and tasks that I needed to do as an officer in my co-curricular organization for the last two years made me even busier than I already was. Also, my undergraduate thesis was eating up most of my time for the past year, so there’s that. But as with all things, I took all of them head-on with the determination to do them to the best of my abilities. Fortunately, I’m blessed to be still in one piece after four hectic years.

Q: How do you balance your studies with your passion?
A: I believe that there’s always an appropriate time (and place for everything)—that philosophy applies in balancing my studies with my passion, which is writing. Although I devote most of my time to schoolwork (in this case, my undergraduate thesis), I also try to squeeze in an hour or two for writing, just to help me relax (and keep me sane).

Q: What kind of student were you?
A: I’m not the most studious person out there, nor am I a model student worthy of emulation. I honestly
don’t know how I even got to this point. If I were to categorize myself into a student archetype, I’d say that
I’m probably a ‘YOLO’ (You Only Live Once) type of student—procrastination now, regrets later. Despite that,
I knew that I had to do what I needed to do in terms of my academics, so I guess that’s why I was able to reach this

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years?
A: I see myself dabbling in a job relating to writing, because I can’t see myself working in any other field.




Name: Jan Michael T. Lumayag

Age: 23
School: University of San Jose – Recoletos
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Communication
“I never really had academic honors maybe because I believe that being street-smart is the “best” way in surviving this modern life. Of course it helps you in finding a better job but you’ll have this responsibility to meet their expectations. I was one of the best Adjudicators during the sixth Josenian Debate Open though.”



Q: Give us a little background of your road to graduation.

A: My road to graduation was one hell of a ride. I was a fresh graduate from high school and I was planning to
take up a medical course, but a coach from a University here in Cebu saw me and offered to make me a part of the Men’s Volleyball team. I wasn’t able to balance studies and sports maybe because I was forced to enroll
in a degree I didn’t like. I stopped schooling when my parents wouldn’t let me shift. I took up hospitality management and wasn’t able to survive because I was intimidated by my teammates who played well. After that, I stopped for a year. A year after, I asked my parents to give me another chance to redeem myself and they said yes. I talked to the chairman of my department, but I wasn’t approved because of my attendance record. A friend saw me and took me to the Masscom Department. The chairman talked to me. I signed the enrollment form, although I was under observation. From then on I promised to do well in both studies and sports. Our team bagged the championship title that year and I wasnamed Most Valuable Player. My journey was somehow difficult but I’m glad that I’ve met interesting people who have made my life more meaningful.

Q: How do you balance your studies with your passion?
A: I always ask guidance from God. And for instance, being invited to play in an exhibition game or big leagues, I actually first check my school schedule, if I have big exams or I’d have to prepare for a major exam. Then most of the time I decline the offer. But if I was in my earlier age I would probably choose to play. I guess maturity played a big role on how I balanced everything.

Q: What kind of student were you?
A: I was the type of student who never really believed in my capabilities to do such great things. I was the type of student who needed a little bit of support from my family, because I never really had a good relationship with them.

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years?
A: I don’t really know. I have so many plans in my head right now that I don’t know which one to pick, but I’d love to see myself having established my name in the media, be it in writing articles, broadcast journalism, advertising, production etc. I would also love to see myself working in an airline company as well as do greatin the fashion industry.

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