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February 4, 2016  By Kazey Abanalo

By Mary Canino and Abigail Malate, STC Mass Com interns

With the advent of the Chinese New Year come some items that are as adorable as this year’s celebrated sign, the fire monkey. From boutiques and restaurants to antique stores, quirky monkey items and designs are evident. These cute items will surely leave your year looking up!


Monkey bedroom slippers (Tickles, Ayala Center, Cebu)

These will add quirkiness to one’s style and comfort in the bedroom. Anyone can wear it regardless of age.







Fluffy monkey stuffed toys (Toys R Us, Ayala Center, Cebu)

If you’re thinking of a gift idea, this monkey plush is perfect especially for your loved ones. Although stuffed toys are common, these adorable toys will add uniqueness in your year. Beanie Boos are designed with lovely colors.






Mon(key) chains (H&M Ayala Center Cebu or SM Seaside City Cebu)


This item will surely add a funky look to your hand bags, keys or backpacks. The black and gold color will surely match every piece you carry.






Monkey in the middle (Blue Magic, Ayala Center Cebu and SM Seaside City Cebu)


What to expect on top of your office desk? Of course it would be a note holder. This is not solely for office use, but students can also use this for reminder purposes.





Paul Frank and Kipling

These signature brands are known not only for their style and product quality, but also for their logos which are monkeys. From purses, handbags, lip balms to clothing, these brands will surely fit your lifestyle for this year.

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