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May 5, 2016  By Kazey Abanalo

By Christian Quilo

Most women dream of becoming a mother. And it is no understatement that it is one of the most fulfilling tasks one can have as well. Expecting a child is exciting but it can also be quite overwhelming and nerve-wracking. As a guide through the nine-month process, Sun.Star Plus and Special has curated a list of pregnancy needs made especially for expecting mothers:


First Trimester


Maternity bra

One of the first signs of pregnancy is when the breasts become fuller. This means that in a few weeks of the pregnancy, the mother usually outgrows her regular bras. A maternity bra is necessary during pregnancy as this will provide the breasts with the sufficient comfort and support.







Needless to say, raising a child will entail expenses so it is crucial to start saving up a budget for the baby. As early as this stage in the pregnancy, make some adjustments and do some lifestyle changes to cut on expenses. Having a substantial allotment will mean that buying the baby’s needs won’t be a problem for the initial weeks or months.


Ultrasound scan


The scan during this trimester will be a mother’s first glimpse of her unborn child. Aside from just plainly seeing the baby, it’s also during this process that one finds out how many babies she is carrying. Most importantly, it is used to check the baby’s heartbeat and make sure that it’s developing normally.






Second Trimester

Maternity clothesmaternityclothes1

Weight gain and other physical changes are inevitable during pregnancy so keeping comfortable is very important. Tight and fitting clothing have to take a back seat this time. But don’t fret, this doesn’t mean looking sloppy. Options for maternity clothing have expanded greatly over the years so looking for stylish and comfortable pieces won’t be difficult.





Baby namesbaby-names-1

The list of possible names for the baby is most likely endless at this point but since a baby can only have one name—and the mother is due in a few months—it would be best to start narrowing down name ideas and coming up with the top three to five names.









While a baby will still be sleeping with the mother during the first few months, it is best to start preparing the nursery at this period. Finalize the look and layout of the space so as to avoid the hassle of doing this while the baby is already around. Leave the heavy handiwork to others though as stress and fatigue are obvious no-no’s during pregnancy.






Third Trimester


\BABYINK-HPGoFlexInventory PicsSourpussClash Stripes OP.jpg

Baby clothes

Shopping for baby clothes is just as fun as shopping for oneself with the vast array of choices out there. But don’t stick to the stereotypical blue for a boy or pink for a girl, experiment and explore with other colors. Parents need to keep in mind though that they will most likely receive a lot of clothes during the baby shower or the baptism so it would be most wise and practical to shop in moderation.


Hospital baghospital-bag

When a mother is close to her due date and bound to give birth anytime, she should make sure to have a hospital bag ready and stored with pre- and postlabor essentials such as a good book or magazine to keep her entertained, clean clothes to change into, comfy slippers she can easily wear or a soft pillow to keep her comfy.


Household suppliesgroceries-550

With a newly born baby around, going out to do some grocery shopping anytime won’t be as convenient as before. The best plan of action would be to do this prior to giving birth as it will also be convenient on the mother’s end to have everything she needs at home right within her reach, while taking care of the baby.

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