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February 4, 2016  By Kazey Abanalo

By Hannah Obal, and Dorothy Soriano, STC Mass Com intern



Photo by: Nani de Perez

FROM being successful individuals in their respective fields of profession to being the sweetest and goofiest people that they can be, couple Shanna Lopez and Rainier Sanchez exudes the loving spirit and feeling this love month. Despite hectic schedules and the many responsibilities that they have, the two still manage to find time to see the world and deepen their love for life and one another. Dishing out indispensable advice on love, Shanna
gives us an insight on how their love story unfolded, as well as what it takes to truly love someone.


nanideperez073Q: How did you and your fiance meet?
A: Rainier and I met through our casual dinner with friends. One of our friends opened up the idea of dating each other since at that time we were both single and so we gave it a shot. As they say, it all starts
out as friendship. It was like a story of two people who shouldn’t have met and who didn’t like each other much when they did, but who found they were the only two people in the world who could possibly have
understood each other.


Q: With your busy life, career, what do you do to make sure that you and your fiance don’t
fall out of sync?
A: It is always important that no matter how busy life gets, you always find time for each other and when
we do find time to spend with each other we try so hard not to incorporate anything about the business
into our conversations. We keep it all personal, how usual dates should be. Getting to know each other is
limitless but even if you know a certain thing about a person it will still come out surprising for us that going
through it again still intrigues and amazes one another. Like any other thing in life, it’s all about priorities. No
one is too busy for anything. You will always find time for those you feel are important to you.



Q: For a wedding, will there be Chinese traditions incorporated into it, and what will
these be?
A: There will definitely be a number of Chinese traditions incorporated. For one, it is important to set the “right” wedding date—feng shui experts are consulted or experts at the temple are consulted on the auspicious day. “Kiu Tsin” is also practiced which is similar to the Filipino “Pamanhikan.” And of course, Chinese cuisine will be part of the reception menu.

Q: What are some Chinese traditions, beliefs that you incorporate into your love life
and practice?
A: As modern Chinese, we do not follow the traditional practices. But mutual respect, love and care
for each other are of utmost importance. Families of both sides are valued as marriage is not only between
the both of us but involves both families as well. Having Chinese origins, we both believe in the value of
hard work and planning for the future well.

nanideperez077Q: How do you usually celebrate Chinese New Year, and Valentine’s Day? Will there be
anything different this year since both special days fall on the same week, a merging of
celebrations perhaps?
A: During Valentine’s Day we always go out together on a dinner date or go on a trip. This year it would still be the same but as Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday and with the Chinese New Year celebration falling on the same week, we might just set a lunch with the family so we can celebrate together and have a dinner date for ourselves. Other than that, we are thinking of attending several charity dinners organized by friends. Valentine’s Day after all is not only about celebrating love among ourselves, our friends, or our families but to share our love and blessings, too.

Q: Can you give our readers some tips on how to maintain a healthy and balanced
A: For us, compromise is the key. We are all different in our own little ways, but our uniqueness
gives us the opportunity to learn new things about each other, everything around us and grow together as
a couple. It would be nice to have a common interest. Like us, we travel a lot together because we love to
explore new places, see different cultures and most importantly taste the best food the rest of the world has
to offer. As you can tell, we are both foodies, too. It is also important that in as much as you give time to yournanideperez072-editar
own relationship, there should always be a balance in maintaining your other relationships with your family and friends. You should both find time in your schedule to go out for dinner with your family or have some drinks with your friends. Remember, life is passing by us too fast. Make the most out of life.

Q: And lastly, what advice would you give to those waiting for their one true love?
A: Be yourself, enjoy life and do not rush things. We always believe that everything happens for a reason and there’s nothing wrong with waiting. As some would say “waiting” is a sign of true love. Anybody can just say the words “I Love You” but only time can prove that it’s true.




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