The Charmed Life

February 4, 2016  By Kazey Abanalo

By Katrena Cortes and Immae Lachica, STC Mass Com interns

Claiming that this year will be better than the last year will be as easy as 1,2,3. Many will want to grab one of these charms to dazzle their year with success in their personal lives.



Rose Quartz Heart Necklace

Fall in love with this heartshaped charm that symbolizes love, romance and affection as the pink quartz-stone attracts a loyal and loving partner if you are single. Also perfect for those in a relationship, this will stabilize the relationship with marriage. It revitalizes the fire in marriage and rejuvenates feelings.




Jade Snake

A snake is believed to be the monkey’s best friend. A smoothly carved jade snake brings good luck and protection. The snake embodies traits that one may also possess such as passion, romance, intelligence and charm. This is a perfect addition to a necklace or to a wallet with red cord that symbolizes protection for the bearer.





f_mandarinducks2The Mandarin Ducks

Not really into accessories? Just add these cute mandarin ducks around as it is said to foster a loving environment where heartaches are lessened and mutual support for each other is encouraged. In Chinese, a pair of them is called “yuan-yang.” It is used to describe an “odd couple” as both of them look different from each other. It does not mean they are not suited for each other. It means that two different individuals bind together to make something beautiful and unique like everlasting love.

Golden Rooster with fan

Wear this golden rooster with fan as a protection from any third party in your relationship. A rooster is said to keep an eye open, ensuring a strong relationship or marriage, keeping away from infidelity and malicious gossip.







Rose Quartz Crystal Tree

One of the colors for this year is rose quartz. Combine that with the color of this charm and one is sure to have something that will radiate a sense of tenderness around. It attracts love and wealth at the same time.





Prosperity Snake Charm

Hang this charm in your wallet, bag or even in your car to catch the good fortunes in line for you this year. With the auspicious power grouping of money coins that represent wealth and prosperity all throughout the year, this charm also diverts disasters.






Jade Victory Snake with coin charm

In manifesting success and struggles against the different adversities in life, this charm will be one’s perfect match. The jade money coin will attract wealth and a good income.



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